One very promising idea is to use SiPM in PET systems utilizing the time-of-flight technique, especially when applied to medical diagnostics. Because of the small size and strong electric field in the active area, the timing parameters of SiPM are about the same as the best parameters of the existing PM.

The strong advantage of the PET scanner based on SiPM is the significant decrease of background events and the patient radiation dose received, as well as the improved quality of picture visibility. The usage of the single-piece SiPM-based matrix technique allows one to achieve the maximum compactness of the active channel positioning. When combined with a smaller weight of the device, this results in a simpler and cheaper mechanical structure. Within the proposed project we expect to build a PET-TOF scanner prototype with timing resolution better that 200 ps. Such a prototype will be produced in collaboration with the Scientific-research company “POSITRON-PRO” limited; this company has over the years gained considerable experience in the design and construction of tomography scanners for small animals.