Research activities

There are several activities proposed within the framework of the Project.

The first is the concerted study, in the field of High Energy Physics and Astrophysics, of SiPM-based detectors. Besides facilitating frontier results in High Energy Physics these studies could serve also as an excellent demonstration of the feasibility of SiPM in novel particle detectors. The group participates in four international collaborations, which operate (or are preparing to start operation) SiPM-based detectors (BELLE II, CALICE, COMET, CMD-3 and GAMMA-400).

The second main aim of the Project is development of SiPM’s applications in medicine, namely for PET, SPECT, and Gamma-spectrometer for neutron capture therapy.

The first SiPM inventors continue to work in Russia despite on the fact that the leadership in SiPM technologies now resides with large companies in Asia and Europe. This Project is a unique opportunity to continue elaboration of the various SiPM-based schemes required by the applications listed above. For some of these applications, the development of SiPM with unique characteristics is essential.