Workshop at MEPhI on December, 18

The workshop is planned to take place in the MEPhI conference room December, 18 from 10 AM till 5 PM.

The program consists of two parts:

  • Progress reports and plans for the future under the Grant Program by the person responsible for the theme [5 – 7 min / speaker]:
    • experimental study of pion and proton showers properties in the framework of the CALICE collaboration (Marina Chadeeva or Mikhail Danilov);
    • heavy quarks study in the BELLE experiment (Roman Mizuk or Ruslan Chistov);
    • production of the BELLE II muon detector elements (Roman Mizuk or Ruslan Chistov);
    • development of the anticoincidence detector prototype for the COMET experiment (Alexey Drutskoy);
    • design, development and testing of SiPM-based detector systems (tile-SiPM) for the CALICE detector prototype (Dmitry Mironov or Eugeny Tarkovsky);
    • construction of the time of flight (TOF) counter for CMD-3 experiments at the electron-positron collider (Vladimir Rusinov);
    • development of the protype for the PET ring detecting module (Gennadij Shimchuk);
    • silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) production technological roadmap (SiPM) (Elena Popova);
    • development of the gamma-spectrometer design for dose measurements in Neutron Capture Therapy in oncology (Sergej Ulin);
    • simulation of SiPM parameters using electronic circuitry simulation programs SPICE and TCAD SYNOPSYS framework (Elena Popova).
  • Invited guests presentations:
    • Sergej Vinogradov, LPI RAS [10 – 15 min];
    • Florian Wiest and Werner Hartinger, КЕТЕК [25 – 30 min];
    • Paul Rubinov, Fermilab [25 – 30 min] (perhaps, via Skype).

Working language of the workshop is English.

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